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We encounter patients every week who ask us if it’s OK for a baby tooth to be removed early (due to decay or infection) and while it can be done, it’s always better to prevent the problem early. Your child’s teeth is much more precious than you may know!

Having healthy primary(baby) teeth helps in developing healthy adult teeth and jaws. Healthy teeth means your child will have the ability to eat all the different food they need for nutrition and growth. Primary teeth are also crucial for maintaining the right amount of space for the adult teeth to come through. If the primary teeth are lost too early, it may close the space needed for the adult teeth and result in crooked and crowded teeth, and even irregular jaw development which could have been prevented.

Maintaining healthy primary teeth also teaches your children healthy habits such as eating the right foods and proper cleaning routines every day. These are valuable life skills that will help your children keep their teeth in tip top shape for the rest of their lives.

However, sometimes children can still develop dental problems and the team at Ellen Stirling Dental are here to help if and when this occurs. It’s always best to identify problems early before they have a chance to become more serious problems. That’s why we recommend for children to visit the dentist the very first moment they have teeth – this way we can introduce ourselves and our care to them to ensure they become comfortable in the dental office. As we see your children periodically, we can identify problems such as tooth decay, tooth grinding, enlarged tonsils or bleeding gums, and make arrangements to address these problems before they become more serious conditions. Sometimes these are simple procedures that can be achieved within our practice, and sometimes we may coordinate care with your GP if it’s a more complicated issue.

We can provide a full range of dental services to children including dental cleans, restorations(fillings), tooth extractions as well as orthodontic options and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, we proudly participate in the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule which helps ease the cost of dental treatment for your little ones. Eligible families can claim up to $1000 of dental treatment for each child per two-year period. Visit our fees page here for more information.

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