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Crowns and bridges are some of the strongest ways we have of repairing damaged or missing teeth. When a tooth has a large cavity, a simple filling may not be especially long-lasting because the tooth itself is weakened by the cavity in the first place, and the filling material is not well suited to large repairs. A crown is a custom made shell, somewhat like a motorcycle helmet, that is fitted onto a specially prepared tooth and then adhered in place. The crown is custom made by a highly trained technician in a laboratory with specialised equipment which means the materials used – usually zirconia, glass ceramics or gold alloys – are much tougher, stronger, and long-lasting compared to fillings.

The photo above shows three crowns, one in each of the described materials (Zirconia, Glass Ceramic, and Gold Alloy). Each type of crown has its advantages and disadvantages compared to eachother, which is why we choose to enlist specialist dental technicians to make our crowns.

Have you heard of single-visit crowns? They are fabulously convenient – having a crown done on a tooth in a single visit is an amazing achievement – but currently available technology can only produce Glass Ceramic crowns in the single visit process. These crowns are weaker than Zirconia and Gold Alloy crowns so are not as well suited in instances where high strength is very important such as molar teeth, or in patients who grind their teeth. For this reason, we feel that the old-fashioned two-visit crown provides the better long term result for our patients, and this is what we recommend.

Our dental and implant crowns and bridges are fully custom designed and hand-made with love by local artisans – right here in Perth. Why is this important? It means we can keep a close eye on quality control to ensure your chosen dental work is at the absolute peak of what is possible. It also means we support local business – keeping the skills, jobs and money in the local community.

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