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Dental implants have become progressively more popular in recent years, being the favoured treatment of patients and dentists for replacing missing teeth. The technology originated in the 1970’s and has achieved higher and further success in treatment and longevity every decade. Dental implants can be used to replace from a single tooth up to a whole mouthful of missing teeth. Patients have reported that their dental implants feel very comfortable in their mouths because they bite and chew just like their natural teeth. We often hear patients telling us they can’t remember which tooth is their implant because it looks and feels no different to the other teeth!

Our Principal dentist Dr Alan Quan has a special interest in the anatomy of the jaws in relation to the positions of each tooth and has achieved great success for many years in the placement of dental implants and restoring the prosthetic tooth with a highly aesthetic and natural appearance. Would you like to receive tailored advice for your missing teeth? Please call (08) 6192 1036 to book a comprehensive consultation to explore all your options for your missing teeth.

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