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Aside from teeth whitening, removing dental amalgams must be one of our most widely requested services! Dental amalgam is an alloy made from silver, mercury, and trace amounts of other metals. It has been used commonly by dentists in the past due to its strength and low cost. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of this mercury metal, we often find these amalgam fillings opening around the margins, cracking natural tooth surfaces and sometimes even breaking off pieces from the tooth.

There are many better choices for your dental restorations. Dr Alan Quan recommends ceramics, dental composites, and sometimes even gold materials (for our extra heavy grinders!) which can all be used to repair teeth and add to the longevity of your teeth. 

At Ellen Stirling Dental, Dr Alan Quan takes a very safe approach to remove your amalgam fillings to protect you from the mercury content in the amalgam. Your comfort and safety is paramount to us! We use specialised equipment during the whole amalgam removal procedure to isolate the mercury metal from your oral and nasal airway, and we use professional grade high volume aspirators to keep you protected and relaxed. We also take great care to dispose of the waste responsibly, so we have minimal impact on our environment.

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