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Replacing missing teeth is crucial to allow us to smile, speak and eat effectively. There are many ways to replace missing teeth, each of which have their pros and cons, and one method which is often overlooked is the classic denture.

Particularly where multiple replacement teeth are needed, dentures can be a very cost effective and visually pleasing method to replace missing teeth. Dentures are made up of two main parts – the teeth, and the framework which holds the teeth together. This framework can be made of chrome alloy or plastic and is fully custom designed to fit your mouth.

Depending on your requirements, dentures can even be prepared and fully custom made for you before you have your tooth (or teeth) removed – meaning that you never need to leave the dental office missing a tooth.

Dentures are removable which makes cleaning them very simple. Be sure not to use toothpaste when cleaning the dentures, as the grit in the toothpaste can take the shine off the teeth which makes them feel a bit rough, and can also allow stains to stick onto the teeth. Liquid soap can be used instead, or specialised denture cleaning tablets which can be found on the supermarket shelf or in your local Ellenbrook Pharmacy.

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