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At Ellen Stirling Dental we take pride in how gentle yet thorough we are with our dental examinations. We take our time to not only look at your teeth, but also the health of your gums, throat, jaw joints and facial muscles. You may find us asking some questions about your general health and diet – this is because at Ellen Stirling Dental we prefer to treat our patients as a whole person.

You may have heard before that teeth do not grow back once they have been decayed or worn down – this is true! That’s why at Ellen Stirling Dental, rather than just short-term relief of symptoms, we focus strongly on providing long term solutions for dental issues and the total prevention of pain and disease.

During your general examination appointment with Dr Alan, you are welcome to share any of your dental concerns or interests. Dr Alan is very experienced and skilled in many aspects of dentistry and happy to provide his professional advice. There are often times when there is more than one solution to dental issues, and Dr Alan likes to present his patients with all of these treatment options. This way, you receive all the information and you are in complete control of how you want to care for your teeth.