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Orthodontists specialise in ensuring that your teeth and jaw are correctly aligned so you can enjoy a healthy bite alignment and a functional smile for life. 

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What is an Orthodontist?

It can be hard to find a great orthodontist. It’s essential to find one who will give you quality care. And finding one in your area is easy with Ellen Stirling Dental!
Orthodontists are a special type of dentist. Like dentists, they are trained to diagnose and treat dental health conditions affecting your teeth, gums, and mouth. However, orthodontists specialise in ensuring that your teeth and jaw are correctly aligned so you can enjoy a healthy bite alignment and a functional smile for life.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners: This is a brand of clear aligners that is a popular alternative to conventional braces for busy individuals who don’t want their teeth obstructed by metal brackets and wires. Invisalign® clear aligners are made from a flexible thermoplastic material that fits tightly over your teeth, making them less noticeable than the old-fashioned orthodontic treatment options while still achieving fantastic results!

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We’re excited to show you how our advanced iTero® scanner can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. It allows us to create a precise digital impression that is much more accurate than the traditional moulds. Your iTero® scan can generate a predicted simulation of how your teeth will look after treatment before you even start. Once you’re ready to begin your treatment, your digital scan can be sent and received in an instant.

You deserve a stunning, beautiful smile that makes people take notice. Let us give it to you by providing an exceptional level of dental care in a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Flexible payment options and interest-free payment plans are available so you can create your dream smile and pay later.

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FAQ'S About Orthodontic Treatment

With the help of your orthodontist, orthodontic treatments can provide you with life-enhancing benefits:

Enhanced Oral Health: Food becoming trapped between misaligned teeth is less of an issue when teeth are properly aligned. Other problems, like cavities and plaque, can be caused by the accumulation of food particles.

Misaligned teeth can also contribute to periodontal disease, a gum infection caused by an excess of bacteria. Orthodontic treatments can assist in alleviating these problems while also reducing the risk of future problems or illnesses.

Better Mouth Function: Orthodontic treatments can adequately align your jaws and bite, which will improve your ability to bite, chew, and speak effectively. This intricate system of jaw joints and muscles must correctly operate to act in harmony and comfort.

Increased Self-esteem: Many people are embarrassed by their smiles. A smile you can be proud of is one of the obvious benefits of orthodontic treatment. Those who are happy with their smiles are more confident in themselves and how they interact with others. Orthodontic treatments can make you feel more confident in your smile, resulting in a significant increase in self-esteem. A happy smile and healthy teeth are critical to our physical and emotional health, as well as our confidence.

Dentists specialise in oral health. They typically get a pre-dentistry or pre-medical degree in college before enrolling in a graduate school of dentistry. Before getting qualified, dentists, like other doctors, must undergo significant training in their field. Dentists are specially trained to diagnose and resolve issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth. Dentists specialise in dental procedures that help you take care of your overall oral health. Among these treatments are cavity fillings, crowns, implants, and treatment for gum disease.

Orthodontists are also oral health professionals. While orthodontists are also trained to identify and treat problems with your teeth, gums, and mouth, they’re technically a type of dentist who specialises in the alignment of teeth and jaw. They are primarily concerned with ensuring that your teeth and jaw are properly aligned. Orthodontists specialise in orthodontic procedures that straighten crooked teeth and misaligned teeth and treat jaw problems. Metal braces and clear aligners are two common orthodontic treatments.

A child’s teeth and jaws must be appropriately aligned to have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. We recommend that your child visit an orthodontist for interceptive treatment by the age of seven. Your child will have enough permanent teeth by then for an orthodontist to determine whether or not they have an orthodontic problem. Also, as soon as you see signs of an orthodontic condition, like early or late loss of baby teeth or sucking the thumb or fingers, we recommend taking your child to an orthodontist.

In addition, if you or your child experiences any of these symptoms, it might be time for an appointment schedule with an orthodontist:

  • Biting and chewing difficulties
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Shifting, protruding, or receding jaws
  • Misplaced or crowded teeth
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Crooked teeth
  • Tooth protrusion
  • Biting the inside of the cheek or the roof of the mouth
  • An abnormal or misaligned bite
  • Facial irregularities
  • Clenching or grinding of the teeth
  • Trouble closing the lips
Orthodontists provide several orthodontic treatments. The cost of treatment depends on several factors, including how complex your condition is and what kind of orthodontic treatment you need. Book an initial consultation with Ellen Stirling Dental to have your individual smile assessed for ideal outcomes and customised treatment plan costs.

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