What is SuperCare?

Did you know that you can have your superannuation funds released early to cover dental costs?

An organization operated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), SuperCare, allows people to apply through the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) Program for help paying for dental and orthodontic treatments. You can gain early access to your retirement assets through SuperCare to assist in paying for medical procedures, such as dental care. You can apply to use your retirement savings to pay for your treatment, your partner’s treatment, or your children‘s treatment. You can ask for financial aid to cover the entire cost of the procedure or only a portion of it.

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How Does SuperCare Works

With SuperCare’s innovative services, individuals and their families receive assistance in times of need. With a recommendation from Ellen Stirling Dental, SuperCare can obtain clearance for any type of dental or orthodontic treatment. You may be able to use your retirement savings to pay for out-of-pocket dental expenses for yourself or your children. You don’t have to wait until you’re 65 to make use of your superannuation.

Together with Ellen Stirling Dental’s experienced team, SuperCare’s consultants will walk you seamlessly through every aspect of the process. SuperCare’s 8-step application process is seamless and allows patients to receive high-quality dental care as quickly as possible.


Visit Ellen Stirling Dental and discuss your dental treatment plan with your dentist.


Through the online referral form, Ellen Stirling Dental will submit your information to SuperCare.


You will be contacted by a SuperCare consultant to discuss your eligibility.


Once you have signed up, you will be a client of SuperCare. The application process for the Compassionate Release of Super (CRS) will begin.


SuperCare will contact Ellen Stirling Dental to request the supporting letter for the CRS claim.


Ellen Stirling Dental will sign the CRS form.


The ATO will review the application after it is submitted. From the time an application is submitted, the assessment process usually takes ten business days.


Approval of your application. A notification will be sent to Ellen Stirling Dental, and the super will be released 5-7 business days after that.

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Here at Ellen Stirling Dental, We want to make even the most expensive dental treatment more accessible to anyone. With SuperCare you can now use your Super to fund cosmetic & orthodontic dental treatment. Want to learn more? Visit us today.

Eligibility Requirements for SuperCare

A SuperCare payment is available to all Australian citizens and permanent residents who have super. A family member’s eligibility, on the other hand, is established under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993’s definitions. SuperCare can provide you with information about whether your family members are eligible for treatment and for which treatments they might be eligible.

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