Benefits of Dental Veneers: A Complete Guide


As people seek ways to improve their smiles, dental veneers are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment in Perth & Ellenbrook. They can be used to cover up chips, cracks, and stains. They can also be used to modify the shape and size of your teeth.

If you’re considering dental veneers, then you’re probably wondering what the benefits are. After all, they’re a pretty significant investment both financially and in time. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of having dental veneers. Keep reading to learn more!

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

  • Natural-looking:
    Porcelain veneers are thin shells made of tooth-coloured material that are custom-made in a dental laboratory. They are used to cover the fronts of teeth to enhance their appearance. Compared with composite veneers, it has a much more natural appearance and results in a stunning, white smile.

  • Conceal dental flaws:
    Dental porcelain veneers can be used to correct mild aesthetic flaws that are visible when you smile or speak. The dental procedure may provide an effective long-term solution for slightly misaligned teeth or those with minor gaps between them that would otherwise require braces or other orthodontic intervention. During a dental exam, your dentist will be able to assess if you’re a suitable candidate for veneers.

  • Easy maintenance:
    While veneers are stain-resistant, you should still brush twice daily and floss every day as part of maintaining good dental health. Unlike natural teeth, dental veneers are resistant to staining and decay. As a result, maintaining veneers is relatively simple.
Regular dental examinations will help you keep your veneers looking their best. It is relatively easy to maintain your veneers to keep them white and dazzling so that you can enjoy your beautiful smile for a long time.

Permanent tooth whitening option:
Dental veneers are very durable, and, unlike natural teeth, they don’t get stained. This means that you won’t have to get them whitened very often. They’re also a good choice for people who want to whiten their teeth for a long time instead of having teeth whitening once a year.

The placement of dental veneers in combination with tooth whitening can prove beneficial in some situations. When used together, these techniques can produce impressive results. Veneers can sometimes be used to treat severely discoloured teeth and difficult-to-whiten teeth.

What Types of Problems Do Dental Veneers Fix?

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Veneers can be used to effectively and painlessly correct several cosmetic issues. Here are some of the dental issues veneers can fix:

How Do Veneers Work?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as veneers can improve the appearance of teeth. It is necessary to have healthy, strong front teeth to provide a perfect smile because they support your veneers.

Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth-coloured material that are custom-made for each patient to mask the appearance of stains, chips, or other imperfections. A special cement is used to apply this durable material to the front surfaces of teeth to alter their colour and shape. Since the colour of veneered teeth can be adjusted according to personal preference, they often appear significantly whiter than untreated ones.

Are Veneers Worth The Cost?

In today’s society, appearance is essential, and cosmetic dentistry has grown in popularity. People are eager to invest money in this area since they want their teeth to look attractive. A beautiful smile will boost your self-esteem and create a good impression on others.
Having porcelain laminate veneers placed on teeth costs between $1800 and $2500 per tooth, which might seem expensive, but considering the benefit of veneers, it might be worth it. If you take good care of your porcelain dental veneers and visit the dental clinic regularly, they can last a long time. In dentistry, porcelain veneers are known for their high longevity of 15 years. Therefore, permanent veneers are an excellent investment in your oral health.

How to Look After Your Veneers

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  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush:
    For best results, always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You should avoid using abrasive toothpaste or hard-bristled brushes since they may damage veneer polish.

  • Practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.
    If you follow good oral hygiene practices, you can keep your veneers looking great for many years. Maintaining good oral care will help both your natural teeth and dental veneers look their best. Although the veneer material does not decay, the supporting tooth may be exposed and at risk of decay.

    Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is crucial if you have porcelain laminate veneers. A regular dental checkup will ensure you’ll have healthy teeth and gums, and the dental practitioner will also be able to handle any dental problems before they become serious.

  • Avoid foods and beverages that cause stains:
    In most cases, porcelain veneers do not stain, but the dental cement that holds them in place does. The edges of your teeth may discolour or appear yellow when you often drink beverages that contain caffeine, such as coffee or soda. To prevent stains from developing on your teeth, drink these beverages through a straw or avoid them altogether.

  • Avoid grinding your teeth:
    Your teeth and veneers can be damaged by grinding or clenching. Cracks can develop, or porcelain veneers can break. Consult with the dentist before causing any further damage to your teeth for guidance on treatment options.

  • Never chew on hard objects.
    Natural teeth are more durable than porcelain veneers. When possible, avoid chewing on hard objects like ice, fingernails, and pens. You could damage your veneers if you bite down on hard objects.

  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use.
    If you want to preserve the look and excellent oral health of your veneers, you should never smoke or use tobacco products. Your veneers will become stained and discoloured as a result of smoking.

Possible Risks with Dental Veneers

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Although complications with dental veneers are uncommon, any dental treatment carries risks and possible adverse effects that might be significant in certain circumstances. Complications may arise during the treatment or recovery.
Potential complications and risks associated with dental veneers include:
  • Veneers that break, crack, or fall off
  • Increased tooth sensitivity is possible as a result of the removal of a layer of enamel.
  • Possible tooth decay if there are loose veneers. The bacteria gets into the surface of teeth under the veneer.
  • Inconsistency in tooth colour occurs when the veneers don’t match the shade of the adjacent teeth.
The colour of your veneers cannot be modified once they have been installed. As a result, any teeth whitening or other restorative treatment should be done first, and the veneer tooth colour should be matched to that. Discuss all of the dental treatments required to achieve the best results with your dentist.

Who Can Get Veneers?

Age is irrelevant when it comes to having veneers as long as you are over eighteen. However, we want to inform our younger patients who are considering prep-veneers that the process is irreversible. There is no turning back once tooth preparation is done.
In general, anyone with good dental health and a commitment to preserving their picture-perfect smile may receive porcelain veneers without difficulty. The dentist will perform a dental exam to determine if a patient is a good candidate for dental veneers.

Can You Get Dental Veneers if You Have Missing Teeth?

You cannot have veneers if you have missing teeth since a real tooth is needed for dental veneer placement. The process of applying a veneer involves bonding a thin layer of porcelain to the front of the teeth. They are used to conceal chips, cracks, or severe stains and discolouration that cannot be repaired by teeth whitening alone.
Missing teeth can be fixed by dental implants, dentures, dental crowns and bridges.

Final Thoughts

 If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentistry treatment that is a conservative and minimally invasive procedure, then dental veneers might be the perfect option to brighten your smile. If you have gaps between your teeth, chipped teeth from an injury, or want to improve the appearance of your smile, it may be time to look into what Ellen Stirling Dental can offer you.

We have years of experience with this type of cosmetic dentistry treatment, and we would love to help find a solution for your teeth that will give you a bright smile. Contact our friendly team today at (08) 6192 1036 if you are interested in our services or products and our flexible financing options so you can get started today.

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